Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to be Alone: Again...

Yes.  I've shared this video before but I've come to notice lately, due to a rare string of days spent by myself, that I am not as comfortable in my own skin as I'd like to be.  That I still spend a lot of time finding distractions like Facebook, the sudden need to sort the sock drawer or endless hours of Netflix, instead of allowing myself to be alone with my thoughts.

I explained to a friend recently how with all of this recent alone time I discovered that at some point in the past few years I'd become afraid of the dark.  I meant this in both the literal things-that-go-bump-in-the-night sense and in the metaphorical sense of facing my own shadows.   I am surprised, shocked a bit actually to find myself here.  I used to be a 3:00 AM insomnia wanderer, going for long walks in the night or sitting in the absolute darkness of a closed door closet when I wanted to quiet my mind.  I spent a lot of time facing my own demons, doing "the work" as they say...

And now I find myself here, jumping at every mental creak of the floor boards, waiting for my subconscious to jump up and shout, "Boo!"

So here it is again, "How to be Alone" by Andrea Dorfman

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