Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Month

It has been one month since my last blog post.  My excuses:

I'm tired.
I'm stuck in a creative slump (well, more of a dip really.  The ideas are there...)
My "To Do List" is too long.
I'm unsure of the direction I want the blog to take.
Netflix has too many interesting shows to watch.
I'm trying to walk everyday and since I usually walk in the mornings it's interfering with my usual blogging time.
I've been texting too much and thus my fingers are tired.
I'm not feeling happy and I don't want to whine in public.
I'm busy.
I'm suffering from some serious burnout.

All of the above are true. Particularly the tired, burned-out and busy parts.  I thought when the semester ended I would have a few days of downtime and then there would be all of this ENERGY that would suddenly be available for me to draw upon and then...

I would get SO MUCH DONE!

It didn't quite work out that way.  Instead of rest I just filled the available time with other things from the never ending "To Do List."

Actually, it isn't a to do list at all really.


It's more of a "What Must Be Done Now Because I've Put It Off Too Long List." or maybe it's a "I Have To Do This Now Because I Promised Someone I Would List."

Maybe it's both.

I have two goals for this summer.

1. Finally create the inventory for and set up an Etsy shop.
2. Find a way to balance my collaborative creative commitments and my personal creative goals.

Right now I'm not sure I'll find the time to do either (insert really long and forlorn sigh here).

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