Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Blog to Come

It has been  two years since I began Spinster Jane.  In the beginning the blog was made up of very personal essay type posts dealing with my day to day thoughts on life.  As time passed the subject matter became more focused and it became a blog primarily about living single and solitary in a world devoted to being coupled off.  Over the past year it has taken a very personal turn again and the subject matter has expanded to include my thoughts on creativity, single living, and finding a way to achieve a balance between work, art and school.

I have made a choice to remain unmarried and though I date, even sometimes exclusively, I also choose not to live with any person I'm romantically involved with so my status as an unmarried woman impacts many aspects of my life.  I don't have the income of another person to fall back on should I find myself in tight financial circumstances.  I currently have my health insurance through my school but when I finish in a year I don't have the employer subsidized health insurance of a partner to sign up on (well assuming that if I were with someone they would have a full time job with insurance...).  I can't take a period of time off work to focus exclusively on school or pursuing art while a partner supports me and  my dreams.

Now this isn't a post about whether or not any of the above is right or wrong, it's just to illustrate that it seems that no matter what I do in life my relationship status has some impact upon it.  I'm sure the door swings the other way too, like having to always take another person into account when making big life changing decisions.

Anyway, the point of all this verbal meandering it that for the past several weeks I've dealing with the worry that maybe this blog has lost its original focus and maybe I should instead be writing a blog about creativity...

...but after much contemplation I realize I don't have to do that because, well read above.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to stop by and read what I write.  Many folks comment on the Facebook page which is appreciated, but it would be awesome if you commented here too.

Much love.

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