Monday, March 11, 2013

Mental Block

How many of my blog posts begin with I've really been struggling with what to write about these past few days?  Many...

Recently thought I've found that when I go through a period of not blogging it isn't that I don't have something to write about.  With the rapid decline and death of my grandmother, creative opportunities that have arisen, my catching a horrid cold, a walk along the edge of a stormy ocean, and three days of eating beans, this past week alone has provided ample material for writing.  And it isn't a time factor either because as December's month of blogging proved when I really want to write something I always manage to find the time to do so.

No.  It isn't that I don't know what to write about, it's that sometimes I don't know how.  Often it's because the subject is something really personal and I've not yet processed it enough to be able to put it into words and share it publicly.  When this happens the subject I want to write about becomes almost like a stopper, blocking up everything else while it sits there in my brain being emotionally digested.  So while I might have great recipes, funny stories or an upcoming opportunity to share I don't end up writing about them because they are sitting there in the pipeline, behind whatever personal topic is plugging up the works.

Of course as often happens once I've identified a problem I may be able to circumvent it. While I can't flush the block out of the way, personal experience tells me it is going to sit there fermenting until it's ready to move, maybe I can find a way to put in a mental side pipe around the block and write about something else.

Which is of course pretty much what just happened with this blog post.

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