Saturday, December 1, 2012


"Do the work."
"I have to get this work done."
"This is going to take a lot of work."
"That didn't feel like work at all."

Work is a word that usually brings to mind having to do something that requires my focused attention in order to get it done.  Sometimes it is something I love to do, like dance practice, and sometimes it is something I don't really feel all that up for but which I know is necessary, like doing the dishes. and then there are those things that sort of fall in between, like blogging.

Whether the task is a pleasant one or not I think more specific definition of work might be an action that requires my intention and personal energy which moves me closer to the achievement of a goal.  Dance practice moves me forward in my goal of becoming a better performer and instructor; washing the dishes helps me to achieve the goal of a clean and orderly living space; and blogging helps me to maintain a diversity of creative outlets.  Work can sometimes feel like drudgery but it can also put us into a place of flow where our actions, intention and energy are so in sync that what we are doing no longer feels like work at all. 

Work is also the theme for this month's NaBloPoMo which I am once again going to attempt to complete. This will my fourth attempt (I's possible this is attempt number five).  It is going to take a lot of work to successfully complete the challenge of writing a blog post everyday for a month.  

Let the work begin....

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