Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hardest Job I've Ever Done

Today I received the last of my grades for this past semester and surprisingly I managed to pull off all "A"s.  Why an I surprised?  With everything I had going on, my move, managing the troupe, performing, work, the death of my kitty, rehearsing, costuming, and some small bit of social life, it is a wonder that I was able to give school much attention at all, though somehow I always found the time. 

It was a lot of early to rise mornings to squeeze in a couple of hours of writing a paper before starting my work day; It meant more than a few late nights editing and catching up on class reading; and I was often seen around town flipping through homemade flash cards studying on the go.  

Today's NaBloPoMo blog prompt is, "What is the hardest job you've ever done?"  In looking back over the past year, I'd say the hardest job I'd ever done is my life.  These days I fill my life with activities I love to do, people I love to spend time with and work that feeds me body and soul.  It isn't easy.  It means many tired nights, money is often very tight and quiet moments can be few but the payoff of being generally happy and fulfilled is huge.

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