Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12

Plodding along...
Blogging everyday for a month is proving to be a huge struggle!  It seems that my days are all rather full and finding time to sit down and right is not at all easy.

My biggest struggle is that I am not totally satisfied with all of my posts.  Blogging two times a week gives me the time to write a draft and then edit and revise as frequently as I need to until I determine the post is ready.  Putting a post out everyday can mean that I have as little as a half hour to think of an idea, write a post, edit and put it up on the blog before the clock strikes midnight.  Which means that many of the posts I have shared these past days have been miles away from perfect.

And yes, I suppose that there is a lesson in that.  This month I'm going to have many, many opportunities to become comfortable with imperfection.  19 more of opportunities to be exact.

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