Thursday, November 8, 2012

Return of the Bats

The election is over.  Politics are finally not the main point of discussion on the social media sites and while I confess to hiding a few folks from my feed, as far as I know I managed to get through without losing any Facebook friends (no worries, I brought you all back).

I'm generally willing to discuss just about anything in person but I tend to avoid any online discussion of politics most of the time.  It seems far too easy for those involved to forget that they are talking to an actual person and this election season discussions degenerated into name calling with far more frequency than in elections past. 

With the move, the loss of Orange and just having an overly full schedule my life has felt very unsettled lately so perhaps conflict of any kind was just more than I was up for dealing with.  But now as I scroll through my Facebook feed I'm very grateful for the return of cute kitten and bat pictures, "One Word That Describes Me" memes and drunken party photos.  


  1. I tried to keep the bats going as much as possible over the past few weeks...I admit to some fail for a few days there. Of course, finding a new bat page on FB helped really get me going on them today. Of course, I can't help myself but mention that they are endangered...all are for different reasons some which we might feel helpless about (like whitenose) but the Flying Fox fruit bats in Australia might be helped with some support. Happy post-election!

    1. A few years ago a co-worker and I discovered an injured bat outside of our office. We found a bat rescue near where she lived and delivered him safely to more capable hands than ours. They are beautiful creatures with a very special place in the ecosystem. They are also much better to look at than most politicians.

    2. I am so happy you were able to rescue the little critter. And, indeed, far cuter than politicians. ~:)