Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'd wait in line to shake your hand...

Today was a full day.  One of those good full days where every moment was spent doing something that fed me either physically or spiritually but at the end of it I'm feeling pretty spent and I find I still have a blog post to write. Inspiration just isn't coming so I search the web for writing prompts and I come across this writing prompts blog on Tumblr.  Where I find the above picture and I think...huh, who would I wait in a long line for the privilege of shaking their hand?**

Here is the list (in no particular order):

...Eleanor Wells of The Spinsterlicious Life
...Salman Rushdie
...Tom Robbins
...Thomas Magnum (Okay - I know he's not real but if he was...I'd totally wait.  Heck I'd camp out!)
...Alice Paul (Yes, I'm allowing myself one dead person too.  It's MY list.)
...President Obama
...Dave Mallett
...any one of my friends who became famous because so many of you are talented and amazing it will happen and I want to have that moment when you spot me about five people back in line and step around the autograph table to give me a big hug and everyone around is thinking, "What?  You know them?" and I get to look back and think, "Yep, yep I do and trust me they are really as awesome as you think they are."

What do the people on the list have in common? They are all creative and courageous.

What does it say about me?  That I can't say.  However, I really do have highly talented and hard working friends who pursue their dreams on a daily basis.  I admire every one of them and it would indeed be a privilege to wait in a very long line to shake their hand.

**There are some pretty fantastic people that I have already had the privilege of already meeting so I'm not including them on the list.

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