Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grumpy Bacon Coffee Nonsense

I'm having one of those woke up on the wrong side of the bed mornings.  Due to a massive allergy attack I did not sleep well last night at all.  I'm a bit stressed out about school (which I have fallen behind in), money (which I currently do not have enough of) and I have a long day ahead of me today (work, school, a show and I'll be carrying my costuming and instruments with me all day).  I fully realize life could be far worse and there are times in my life that indeed have been far worse, but this is today and I'm grumpy.

When I'm grumpy I'm not often inspired so I thought I'd check out today's NaBloPoMo writing prompt which turned out to be, "Where is you favorite place to blog?"   Well, I really only blog one of two places, at my desk or on the couch with the only real difference between the two being the view (the wall of the building next door or a rather splendid view of the the western skyline of my city) and the proximity to the refrigerator (the desk is closer).

Next I thought I'd turn to the news for inspiration and discovered that my "Single Women" news feed on Google is still packed with articles about politics and how single women were what swung the vote in Obama's favor because we felt our rights were threatened by the other side and decided to make our voices heard or (on the other side of the political spectrum) how single women live lives of abundant casual sex and all end up pregnant and either leaching off the system or getting abortions paid for by the government which is then given as the reason we all voted for Obama.

I could writing about the cuteness of my kitties (and they are cute), the creative process (this morning I'm struggling), what I had for breakfast (coffee and a muffin) or the weather (overcast and a bit windy)...but instead I'm going to brew myself another cup of coffee, start my workday and hope that at some point today the bacon fairy shows up, because nothing cheers me up like an unexpected gift of bacon!

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