Tuesday, August 28, 2012

90 Days of Dance

I'm not sure I'm up for 90 days of anything (Track Record Check: my two attempts at 30 days of blogging were pretty much unsuccessful, tried the One Month to Being Totally Organized and I think I was really organized for about seven days) but I'm always willing to give nearly anyone, including my often unmotivated self, a second chance so...this afternoon I signed up for Alia Thabit's 90 Day Dance Party.  

Why did I decide to make this commitment when I have semi-serious doubts about my ability to keep up with it?

Reason 1:   I'm terribly undisciplined when it comes to regular practice unless I have a show coming up or a class to attend.  Quite a few people I know have signed up to do this and I've just made the very public commitment to doing here so I've got the prospect of making my possible failure known to everyone.  Oh right according to paragraph one making my failures public isn't an issue.  Well, in all seriousness many friends have signed up and in addition there is a promised daily motivating email and other ways to stay connected and find support for completing the entire 90 days.  Despite loving the solo life there are some things I am better able to accomplish when I have company, even if it is only virtual company.

Reason 2: I've been struggling quite a bit lately with trying to figure out exactly what my motivation for dancing and performing are.  There was a time when the idea of signing up for something like this would have seemed completely silly because dancing was my favorite thing to do.  All I had to do was turn on a radio or put on a CD and I'd be dancing around the house.  I'm not expecting any sort of 'Ah-ha' miracle but I do hope to at least redevelop the habit of dancing every day and maybe along the way I'll start to love it again...even if I don't know why.

Reason 3:  It just sounds like fun.

Will I keep you all up to date on how things go?  Hopefully, though...er...um...I've not been all that disciplined about my blogging of late either.

Okay, lets think positive here.  90 days of dancing? I got this.

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