Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ugly girls work hard and pretty girls are stupid

Newsflash to all my fellow spinsters:  if you find that you are single and successful in your career it's not because you actually wanted to pursue your dream it's because you decided long ago that you simply weren't pretty enough to land a man and so chose your career as the consolation prize.  At least this is the case according to a study done recently at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

To quote, "And among college-age women surveyed as part of the experimental portion of this research, those who rated themselves less attractive to men were morelikely to claim to aspire to a high-paying career."

...or maybe pretty girls are just stupid or more likely to be lazy?

Right.  This article by J. Maureen Henderson of Forbes.com breaks down the flaws of the study rather well including the assumption that the only reason a woman would choose to pursue a career is because if she can't have the security of a man taking care of her (because she is a hideous hag that no man wants) she really has no other choice than to do it herself:
"Tying career aspirations to not-so-thinly veiled evolutionary biology arguments takes self-actualization out of the mix, disregards that a woman might have 99 good reasons to become a computer programmer (and an inability to hook a man ain’t one) and assumes that our need to be attractive trumps our ambition. Maybe we’ve just figured out that we’re great leaders and want to exploit that?"
Oh wait, you mean some young women might actually want to follow a path that doesn't include marriage and children?  And wait...they might actually be happy doing so...oh, well we didn't even consider that.

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