Sunday, December 4, 2011

A quote...

It is nearly 11:30 and I’ve not finished the blog post I wanted to share today.  I started working on the post too late and the idea turned out to be larger than what would fit into a few quick paragraphs. So I have set it aside to be finished at a later time, hopefully tomorrow. 

Instead I am going to share with you the following quote.  It was my mother who introduced me to Olive Schreiner’s writing many years ago.  These words are pertinent to the post I started working on today and the story has been a favorite of mine for a very long probably isn't too difficult to figure out why.  

“I saw a woman sleeping. In her sleep, she dreamt life stood before her and held in each hand a gift -  in the one hand love, in the other freedom - and she said to the woman, ‘Choose.’ And the woman waited long: and she said, ‘Freedom.’ And life said, ‘Thou hast well chosen, if thou hadst said 'love’ I would have given thee that thou didst ask for; and I would have gone from thee, and returned to thee no more. Now, the day will come when I shall return. On that day I shall bear both gifts in one hand.’ I heard the woman laugh in her sleep.” -- Olive Schreiner, 1901

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