Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've Done This 100 Times!!! (Okay, really 101)

Today my friend G from MyAmercianHouse happily informed me that today she posted her 100th blog post (Yaaaaaaaay!!!!).  I just as happily congratulated her and then of course proceeded to pull my phone from my pocket so that I could log into Blogger and see how close I was to my 100th post. 

I squealed.   Okay maybe I danced a little.  Aaaaand then perhaps I hopped up and down saying, “G!!  G!!! You aren’t going to believe this buuuuuut….”

Last night’s Spinster in the Kitchen recipe post was my 100th Spinster Jane blog post!!!

I guess I should have been paying more attention so that when the moment I arrived I’d have had a properly commemorative post prepared but alas, I guess I was just too busy writing, and working, and going to school, and dancing and living so I didn’t, and since I have to be in math class in a very short time this is it.

So in honor of today’s (well, really last night’s momentous occasion) I give you the following.  A link to the most viewed post of all of the 100 Spinster Jane blog posts:

The Great Big Sex Post (are you surprised really?)

And a picture of my cat Miss Pickles just because she is cute.  

Congratulations to me and to G on reaching a blogging milestone!!  Hopefully I’ll be better prepared by post 200.


  1. Congratulations! That's impressive. I'm only at 27 myself, so I have a long way to go. Enjoy the milestone.