Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sometimes you can only laugh...really

I was just writing a blog post about how a sequence of minor disappointing events led up to my weeping next to the sweater rack in the middle of a second hand store.  I had a few paragraphs down about how my day was going really well until about an hour ago.  I wrote about lunch and a crochet lesson with my mother, and the flock of starlings I had the chance to observe while on my walk home from the train station.

I’d also written about a receiving a phone call that has put a bit of a glitch into my rehearsal plans for an upcoming show.  I mentioned that it was an inconvenient but manageable change of events and the reasons for it occurring were reasonable.     I shared how at the hardware store I discovered that they were sold out of the vacuum cleaner belt I needed and that they no longer carried the brand of filter I needed for my air purifier.   I talked about being frustrated as my rug is on the edge of disgusting and my allergies are going a bit nuts lately but again, these are small things.  I can get the belt and filter elsewhere at a later time.

I wrote that to cheer myself a bit I ventured into the second hand shop to seek out some items for a costume for another show only to find that they had none of the items I needed.  And then I wrote about the moment The Song came on.  A song I’d heard 100 times before without ill effect but when added the combination of the string of minor frustrations and my feeling a bit over tired and (zoom!) I went from annoyed to feeling sorry for myself.  Cue the tears…

I added in how foolish I felt about this.  That I left the store as soon as possible telling myself I was being totally stupid and that what I really needed was a cup of tea and nap.  On arriving home I decided that the situation would make an amusing anecdote for this blog, and that sharing how silly and foolish I felt would likely make me laugh at the situation. 

I wrote all about the events leading up to it and how I must have looked like a crazy person by appearing in the store heading over to the clothing section, bursting into tears and leaving as quickly as I’d arrived.  I was just finishing a line about how in the grand scheme of things, none of this really mattered…

…and then…

… one of my cats decided to move the story from amusing to hilarious by vomiting a hairball into the middle of my lap. 

The End

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