Thursday, September 29, 2011

October NaBloPoMo - "Between"

I have signed up to take part in October’s NaBloPoMo.  This means that for the entire month of October I will be writing Spinster Jane blog posts and of course posting them.  Why am I doing this?  I mean really, lately it seems that I’m having a difficult enough time keeping up with two blog posts a month right? And it also seems that every other one of those posts is about how busy I am and how I’ve had to let one thing or another slide to get something else accomplished.  Why would I want to add more to my plate?

Well, first I won’t really be adding more to my plate.  I already write nearly every day.  It isn’t always written with my computer, I do have a hard copy, hand written journal that I keep.  If I’m not drafting some blog post on my laptop, I have a pen in hand and I’m capturing my thoughts on paper.  While I’m not always very disciplined in the how or what of it, I do still write regularly.  What I don’t do is share everything I write.  You wouldn’t want to read most of what’s in my journal anyway…

“September 24th, 2011…Another late night.  That guy, the one who claims to be a rabbit, is sending me weird private messages on Facebook about raiding my garden again.  Every time I try to sleep I have dreams about giant bunnies trying to break into the house…”

So part of why I want to do this is to have a bit more regularity and discipline in writing.  Of course I’ll let you know right now that it is quite possible that a good amount of what I write will be crap.  I’m not going to claim to be a brilliant writer and I’ll likely be making heavy use of the blog prompts provided by the site, which leads me to the second reason for doing this.  I like the topic.

Octobers topic is “Between.”  Here is the topic description as posted on Blogher:

“Autumn is between the two temperature extremes of summer and winter. It's a time when nature is shifting -- the scattering of leaves in the northern hemisphere, the first signs of new life down south. Halloween is obviously a time for trick-or-treating, but scratch the surface of the holiday and it makes you start thinking about how your time on earth is just a space between two periods of non-living.

Being between things isn't always a bad thing. It can be a down time, a space to recharge … Coming and goings, first and last: between is never the extreme, but a blend of two worlds.”

I think much of life is spent in the place between; we are always in a state of flux and change.  It is during the times of great change, when my limits have really been pushed that I have been able to discover how strong I am, how flexible I can be and often these are the times when I perform my best.  These times also give me a great appreciation for those other periods of between, when not a whole lot is going on and I am in a place of rest.  So, yeah, I'm pretty down with the topic.

Starting on Saturday, October 1st, my marathon month of blogging will begin.  Wish me luck!

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