Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, insomnia...just go away

Insomnia was my evening companion last night.  It doesn’t come along often these days.  Most of the nights that I am up too late it is because I am caught up in some experience that I don’t want to end: the book that is just too exciting to put down, the Hulu TV show where I just HAVE to know what happens next, or my favorite, those conversations with friends that separate you from time until you suddenly realize the sun is coming up.  On occasion I’ll be up due to the human tendency towards procrastination and I’ve a deadline to meet.  Last night however was different.

I have this event coming up.  It is a show my performance group is participating in and it is the largest and most important event we have done.   A whole new audience will have a chance to see just what it is that we do (very exciting).  We will be taking to the stage several times throughout the week with different cast members participating on any given night (also exciting).    I’ve made all the right sorts of lists (set lists, tech lists, prop lists, arrival and departure lists), I’ve taken all the usual promotional steps, and I’ve written down all of the scripts for various sketches and introductions.  I’ve done everything I need to do to be prepared and while I am awake all is well.

Last night however, the moment I climbed beneath the covers it was a different story.  As I lay there in the dark my mind started to think of everything that could possibly go wrong; inadequate sound systems, forgotten lines or props or traffic delaying the arrival of performers.   Then when I do finally fall asleep my dreams were full of these same scenarios, and I was running down unfamiliar streets (because you know, the car never starts in these dreams) against a deadline that involved a spotlight and a drum roll. 

I know that this is just my subconscious dealing with the stress of planning and thankfully my subconscious seems to have faith in my abilities since most of the time the dreams ended with me arriving at the last minute with the right prop, or an impromptu rearrangement of a set to allow more time for a missing performer to arrive, or another performer suggesting an imrpov skit to fill a space.  It reminded me that I and those people I perform with are quite capable of adapting to whatever situation may arise.  

My awake brain is apparently the worrier, and my asleep brain apparently knows better.

So, my hope is that my awake brain got the message and this was all worked out last night. If so, this evening’s slumber will be calm and peaceful with dreams filled with only happy spinster things, such pizza delivery, maid service and red wine...

…sleep well.

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