Monday, June 13, 2011

Why spinsters need more underwear...

It's Monday, and I am waking up from a very busy and highly social weekend.  I enjoyed myself immensely but, I didn't have a lot of down time and this morning I am feeling the lack of it.  Despite two nights of solid sleep, I still feel physically wiped out and while I love the humans who are a regular part of my life, I am craving quiet time at home.  This evening my social calendar is empty, and so I plan to take full advantage of it.

Now, this doesn't mean I don't have things to do;  I've a writing project that has to be completed by Thursday, my three week supply of clean underwear is totally depleted and my apartment definitely needs attention.  So while I will not be having much human interaction, I won't exactly be sitting with my feet up all evening.  Laundry will be done, dishes will be washed, blog posts will be written, but I'll be able to do all of this in the quiet and cozy space of the spinster nest.  

I am a single woman, living alone by choice but despite this I often feel that I have very little time to myself.  Many do assume that those of us who are single live lives filled with an abundance of free time, but I have found that more often than not we take full advantage of the freedom that being alone provides, leaving us cherishing those few hours of peace and quiet we do have available.

And so, while I could perhaps better balance my busy times and my down times, right now I wouldn't change a thing.  Except more underwear.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the lack of alone time and the need for a plentiful underwear supply. I think I'm down to my last pair or two, with no time for laundry in sight...

  2. Yes! Oh, I have been there many times!