Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh! Oh! Down She Goes!!!!

I think the combined forces of my solo living arrangement and my penchant for solitary dining have finally begun to take a toll on my desire to cook for myself.  Tonight is the first night I've had in weeks where I've enough time to cook myself a real meal.  I was looking forward to it even, thinking about potential meals and planning a menu and then I arrived home...

Jane:  Ah, home.  Let's settle in, feed the felines, check Facebook and then prepare a proper meal.

Spinster Jane:  Where is the corkscrew?

Jane:  Hush lush!  We need to cook a meal.  We might be living a solitary life but we are civilized (yup, solitary life mention and first person plural in the same be clear, this 'we' did not include our cats.  We are still therefore, sane.)

Spinster Jane:  That's what delivery is for.  Delivery is perfectly civilized.  Why is the corkscrew in the bathroom?

Jane:  Don't you remember?  We had this talk before!  We need to keep in practice.  Should someone truly charming and worth our time come along we must be prepared.

Spinster Jane:  Meh.  We'll just liquor 'em up.  Have a glass of wine, relax.

Jane:  Sigh.  We could reheat some soup, or some of those pancakes we made and froze a couple weeks ago?

Spinster Jane:  The would mean a pan or a plate would go from clean to dirty, which means that this weekend we'd have to wash dishes.

Jane:  It's only Thurs...

Spinster Jane:  Hey, look.  Crackers!  I think we have some tub cheese in the fridge...sweet, we just made dinner!!!  No delivery required.  Happiness all around.

Jane:  Sigh....

Yep.  I think I need to start inviting people over for dinner.  I am apparently just not enough motivation for myself.

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