Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am everywhere!!!

No one could ever accuse this spinster of being antisocial.  I generally keep a rather full calendar.  I come and go from home so much that my cats have refused to let me in because they've been taught not to speak to strangers.  Okay, I made that last part up.  My cats can't talk,  but I am sure they have at times wondered if I am real or just phantom who mysteriously makes food appear at regular intervals.

Just as I am all over the place in the real world, so I am all over the interwebs as well.  You can now follow Spinster Jane on Twitter and Facebook.  Like any human being I like to be liked so go like me (or follow me, which actually sounds rather creepy but hey, it's only cyber stalking right? You are doing it because you think I have wonderfully wise and interesting things to say and NOT because you want to trap me in a dark alley, spinsternap me and keep me in your basement forcing me to write a blog for your eyes only while you sit in the corner watching me, telling me how sexy I am when I type...).

Finally, I've created the rating system for Solitary Banquet restaurant reviews!!!  I am a busy and productive little spinster.  Expect a review very soon and if you are interested in writing a review of your favorite haunt or that new restaurant in town, get in touch.

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