Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh blessed coffee!

Coffee and health: Coffee studies suggest it's good for the heart -

At various times in my life I have successfully given up many different "bad" habits, generally for health reasons both physical and mental. Some I only gave up temporarily, sugar, alcohol, wheat; and some permanently, smoking, nail biting. The one I have never been able to kick though is coffee.

It isn't even a caffeine thing, though each and every time I've tried to quit the headaches and generally crankiness would have been a large motivator in picking the habit back up again. It's the ritual of it. It's hearing the coffee pot brew while I'm laying in bed (I will not own a coffee pot without a timer), pouring that first cup and sipping it while perusing the online news sites and blogs I read each morning. It's the pause is gives me during my morning work hours, those few moments I can stand and do nothing while the Keurig brews my next fresh cup.

Granted, there are times in my life when I have relied on coffee perhaps too much to get me through the day. I am a very busy woman and while highly motivated I still require a minimum amount of sleep, which I don't always get, and so coffee has come to my rescue. Like anything else I might temporarily do to excess, once I recognize it I cut back and life returns to normal.

Now I am glad to find out that I don't need to give up my beloved brew and morning companion. As it turns's actually good for me!!! Yes, the universe is once again smiling up us.

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