Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I had a late night visiting with a friend and just arrived home but I wanted to post before I put myself to bed for a few hours sleep.

Today I read this article, "Why I'm not Married (and it's not because I'm an angry slut)", on and I saw so much of myself in it.  I spent a lot of time hoping that the man I was with would change and not be so angry, or that the next one would see his potential and live up to it, or that this one would finally learn to be honest with me and stop cheating.  Every date that didn't work out started with the possibility that this person might be The One.  The One has yet to arrive...but...

During all of this I went back to school, I rediscovered my creativity, I filled my life with wonderful friends and I now I find myself a part of a vibrant and wonderful community. I keep living, because that is what I do.

Good night and sweet dreams to all.

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